Wednesday, August 15, 2007 is officially launched!

Hi there!
Wondering why there are no updates on this site? Easy! I've bought a domain called and hosted it somewhere in Malaysia.

It will be featuring technology news and updates and don't worry, free cool software updates will always be there too. I am not going to close this site, but new posts will be featured on my new blog.

Reasons of having a new site: more flexibility and more plugins. I am only going to maintain my new site now to be more focused and it saves time too!

Check out my new site and thanks for the support!

Friday, August 10, 2007

MAXA Text2Exe - notepad for securing sensitive information

MAXA Text2Exe
is not your normal type of notepad. Even though it still maintains the easiness of notepad, it is far more powerful than Notepad. When you save your files using MAXA Text2Exe, you can protect your contents with a password encrypted in the MAXA Crypt SE 256bit encryption algorithm. It will also save your text in the .exe extension, so that means you can portably bring this file anywhere in your USB drive.

With all the above security and mobility features, MAXA Text2Exe is perfect for storing sensitive information such as passwords, phone numbers, account numbers, everyday notes and more. Operating with only a single .exe file, MAXA is a wonderful freeware to have.

With MAXA Text2Exe, you can bring your sensitive information anywhere, with peace of mind. Download MAXA Text2Exe today.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

WinTabber - tab all your Windows applications!

wintabber windows tab manager screenshot
WinTabber lets you tab all your Windows applications under one easy to navigate interface. If you ever use the Mozilla Firefox tabbing feature, imagine running all your open Windows application interface under another application, which is WinTabber.

With WinTabber, your taskbar will be much more cleaner when you are opening many applications at once. You can easily switch between applications by holding the "Ctrl + Tab" button at any time. Furthermore, you can have multiple instances of WinTabber running at once to manage humongous amounts of open Windows applications.

Currently, there is no better freeware than WinTabber for effective Windows application manager. Try and download WinTabber today. Even it is still on beta, you will surely love it.

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