Thursday, February 15, 2007

Image Viewing / Editing Tools

free image editor
[download photoscape] [photoscape features]
Photoscape is one of the easiest photo editor around. Great for image editing newbies.

free screen capture program
[download mwsnap screen capture] [mwsnap features]
Easy to use screen capture / image capture freeware. You will wonder if you have to keep the "Print Screen" button anymore.

free image viewer
[download irfanview] [irfanview features]
One of the fastest, most popular viewers worldwide. Very, very easy to use.

Easy Thumbnails
free thumbnail creator
[download easy thumbnails] [easy thumbnails features]
Make thumbnails of your pictures quickly and easily with this free software utility.

free image viewer
[download picasa] [picasa features]
Photo manager / editor from Google.

free image viewer
[download xnview] [xnview features]
View, convert or edit your photos / graphic files. Supports more than 200 graphics formats, and runs on many platforms.

free image editor
[download photofiltre] [photofiltre features]
Can't afford Adobe Photoshop? Use this ligthweight photo editor with great filters for photo effects.

Shrink Pic
free image resizer
[download shrink pic] [shrinkpic features]
Automatically resizes photos sent via email or uploaded to the web by creating temporary resized copies sent instead of the originals.

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