Thursday, February 15, 2007

Notepad Replacement Tools

MAXA Text2Exe
free secure notepad
[download maxa text2exe] [maxa text2exe features]
MAXA Text2Exe secures your text files with a password with strong encryption.

free notepad alternative
[download moonedit] [moonedit features]
MoonEdit lets you edit a single text with up to 14 friends, real time over the network.

TED Notepad
free notepad alternative
[download TED notepad] [TED notepad features]
TED Notepad offers more functions that the normal Windows notepad. Check out the "reverse" function.

free notepad alternative
[download EverNote] [EverNote features]
EverNote lets you save all your notes in one place. Smart navigation and smart search support.

Elfima Notepad
free notepad alternative
[download elfima notepad] [elfima notepad features]
Elfima Notepad lets you save and edit your work in PDF, SVG, HTML or XML document format.

free notepad alternative
[download greenpad] [greenpad features]
GreenPad is another notepad alternative with extra syntax highlighting, line numbering and regex support.

free secure notepad
[download fsekrit secure notepad] [fsekrit notepad features]
fSekrit is a notepad replacement with password protection and file encryption support. Ideal for securing important passwords and notes.

NotesHolder Lite
free sticky notes program
[download notesholder] [notesholder features]
Easy to use sticky notes organizer.

free sticky notes program
[download keynote] [keynote features]
Keynote is a flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook, and it's always accessible with a single keypress.

free notepad alternative
[download metapad] [metapad features]
A simple Text Editor and Windows Notepad replacement program.

JC&MB Quicknote
free sticky notes program
[download quicknote] [quicknote features]
JC&MB Quicknote is an always-ready desktop-notepad.

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