Thursday, February 15, 2007

Windows Desktop Tools

free windows manager
[download wintabber] [wintabber features]
Unclutter your windows task bar with WinTabber tab manager. Tabs are the new in-thing.

free shortcut program
[download filetargets] [filetargets features]
FileTargets lets you create extra folders and subfolders on your right click menu for faster file copy / move to your favorite folders.

free virtual desktop
[download dexpot] [dexpot features]
Dexpot lets you have virtual desktops on your Windows, just like their Linux counterpart.

FTE - Faster Than Ever
free shortcut program
[download faster than ever] [faster than ever features]
Faster Than Ever or FTE in short is another freeware keyword based launcher.

free shortcut program
[download launchy program launcher] [launchy features]
Launchy is a program launcher that you can use to forget all about your Start Menu items.

Folder Guide
free shortcut program
[download folder guide] [folder guide features]
Folder Guide is a free handy utility that provides fast access to your frequently used and favorite folders.

free desktop clock
[download clockx] [clockx features]
An analog clock with extra functions for your desktop enhancement needs.

Copernic Desktop Search
free desktop search program
[download copernic desktop search] [copernic features]
Find your files, emails, images and more in your personal computer with the power of a search engine from your desktop.

free time synching program
[download symmtime] [symmtime features]
SymmTime 2007 is a convenient multi-zone desktop time utility that automatically synchronizes your system clock through the Internet to any accessible NTP server. Once it is set up on your computer, you can create several time zone clocks at one time - and you can change then anytime you want.

Google Desktop
free desktop search program
[download google desktop] [google desktop features]
Google is mega rich. They give away freebies for all. Let google helps you to index your pc for easy searching and more desktop fun.

Ava Find
free desktop search program
[download avafind] [avafind features]
Ava Find lets you find any file located on your computer instantly.

Folder Marker Free
free icon tools
[download folder marker free] [folder marker features]
Use Folder Marker to mark your folders with colors with a single mouse-click.

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