Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spyware Terminator - scan and clean adware, spyware and virus too!

This article is not related to any Arnold Schwarzennegger's Terminator movies. Being a freeware related site, Spyware Terminator is another spyware scanner or spyware cleaner, with full features for personal and home usage. Spyware Terminator contains extra features you can't find in other spyware cleaning solution and the interface is very easy to use for normal humans, err, i mean home users.

Spyware Terminator features:

  • Varied scanning spyware solutions - fast scan for scanning important parts of the system, full scan for the curious minds, customized scans for the lazy, scheduled scan for the sleepy type, and detailed report for bosses. :D

  • Spyware cleaners - scanning and cleaning rhymes, you know? On Boot Remover is another gem to remove spywares just before the OS boot up. Quarantine is also available for the unsure.

  • Real time protection - this will protect users from network borne spyware spies. A must have spyware scanning tools.

  • HIPS - protect users from unknown applications that tried to run forcibly inside your computer. Think of it as a proactive guy that cleans unknown / malicious spywares. A great function by the bad-ass Spyware Terminator.

  • Powerful Functions - users can restore computers to a default state, send unknown spyware patterns to the developers for checks and remove malicious locked file - a normal spyware behavior.

  • Regular Spyware Pattern Updates- manual and automatic updates of spyware or adware pattern files are available freely.

  • Virus scanning (optional) - to make Spyware Terminator more useful, ClamAv Antivirus can be installed optionally for extra virus scanning. Great feature by Spyware Terminator!

HIPS and Virus Scanning is two of the most influential aspects for users to consider Spyware Terminator. Spyware protection with extra, optional virus scanning, who would not want that? Try it and tell your success story here if you wish.

Download Spyware Terminator from the link provided in the Antivirus and Spyware Cleaning Tools.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

fSekrit - secure notepad with military grade encryption

fSekrit really amazed me. It is a very small freeware application, but it is great in stature. fSekrit looks like a normal Windows Notepad but once you try to save your notes, it will prompt you for a password for encryption and turn your files into executable (.exe file) that you can carry around with your usb drive. By doing that, you can store important notes such as passwords and personal information securely.

fSekrit secure notepad features:

  • No installation required - a note in fSekrit will generate an executable secure notepad file. Each notes runs independently without any software dependencies. Therefore, you can bring fSekrit important notes anywhere with portable USB drives for secured, extreme mobility.

  • Strong, military standard encryption - documents are encrypted and password protected with AES/Rijndael in CBC mode, with a 256-bit keysize (in laymans term, it is secure!).

  • No footprints - unencrypted data with fSekrit are never leaved behind unsecured inside your hard disk. Once you close your fSekrit notes, encryption resumes. Passwords can also be changed easily.

fSekrit is without any doubt, one of best replacements for Windows Notepad. It is easy to use and the ability to encrypt notes is really a wow factor. Try it today!

Download fSekrit secure notepad from the link provided in the Notepad Replacement Tools coolware page.

Monday, April 23, 2007

PDF-Xchange Viewer - PDF Reader with extra features

What can your slow loading Adobe Acrobat Reader do instead of reading text and some basic functions? My latest freeware findings in the pdf reader application can insert texts inside a pdf file, leave some notes for quick review, capture a snapshot, export pdf to image format and more. Maybe you can dump that Adobe Acrobat Reader of yours and embrace the latest, more functional pdf viewer - PDF-Xchange Viewer.

PDF-Xchange Viewer features:

  • Comments and Annotations - useful for students and researchers. Easily add extra text with direct typing or sticky notes for later review.

  • Markup function - add some markups - arrow, boxes, clouds and more to your pdf texts. Highlight your notes easily with PDF-Xchange Viewer

  • Export pdf to images - export your pdf documents to images, by page or the complete file itself.

  • Pan and Zoom, Loupe - extended pdf reader functionalities means extra navigational ease.

For me, the best function of PDF-Xchange is the ability to add texts and markups to your pdf files. As an alternative, for a quick-launching pdf reader. you may want to try Foxit PDF Reader instead.

Download PDF Xchange Viewer from the link provided in the Miscellaneous Office Tools page.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

IOBit Smart Defrag - best manual and automatic hard disk defragmentation freeware

I have always been looking for a disk defragmentation freeware that can replace the lousy, built in Windows Defragmenter. Wndows Defragmenter is so lame - when you are defragging your hard disk drive, you have to stop using the computer or else the process will start all over again. Sometimes i need to defrag in safe mode to avoid the hassle of startup programs messing up with defragmentation process.

For those who know nothing about defragmentation process, it is very easy to understand. The hard disk drive need to be defragmented once in a while to arrange the data stored inside, thus keeping your PC running at an optimum level.

After searching the Internet for a good hard disk defragmentation freeware, I came across IOBit Smart Defrag which claims to be one of the best free disk defragmentation freeware around. And boy, it does not dissappoint.

IOBit Smart Defrag disk defragmentation freeware features:-

  • Defrag-as-you-work - this is the best feature of Smart Defrag. I can continue optimizing my PC with no interruption.

  • Manual Defrag - choose from comprehensive or express defrag. Express Defrag is a faster version to speed up PC startups.

  • Automatic Defrag - with automatic defrag, you can just let IOBit Smart Defrag optimize and defragment your PC while it is idle or while CPU usage is low (configurable). Let it run on startup and keep your PC fresh, day after day for best performance.

  • Scheduled Defrag - maybe you just hate things that are automatic. Schedule your hard disk defragmentation to run later, while you are away.

  • Smart, user friendly interface - IOBit SmartDefrag comes with a clean cut interface with big buttons and clear explanations. A noob on hard disk defragmenting should not have any trouble using SmartDefrag.

IOBit SmartDefrag is really, IMHO, the best defragmentation free program that you can use today. Still using Windows Defragmenter to optimize your hard disk? Maybe it is time for a change - for good of course.

Download IOBit Smart Defrag best defragmentation tool from the link provided in the Windows System Tools page.

Monday, April 16, 2007 Update Checker - check new versions of installed software, all at once!

Imagine you have more than 10 popular applications on your PC and you want to know if any newer versions or updates are available for all of them - AT ONCE. - a popular site that offers updates for popular softwares such as IrfanView, Foxit Reader, Mozilla Thunderbird and more, have created a freeware that satisfy this needs. Update Checker is a freeware that lets you know that new updates are available for all your popular software programs on your PC in an easy way.

When you click the file udc.exe, these processes will occur:-

  1. Update Checker will check for popular applications installed on your PC

  2. Update Checker will then send these information to

  3. If newer releases / updates for any of your installed software are found, Update Checker will display it neatly on your favorite browser - either Mozilla Firefox or IE.

From the displayed list, users can click buttons to select and install new updates as they wish. My only hope is that future versions will include an "Update All" button (optional) to increase Update Checker usefulness. Till then, happy updating!

You can download Update Checker from the link provided in the Windows System Tools page.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clocx - analog desktop clock for your desktop with extra functionalities

Clocx is an analog clock for your desktop - a desktop enhancement tool with extra features. If you think that your Windows Clock is pretty boring, it is time to switch to Clocx which is far more stylish and extra functional. The only trouble that you have is to spell its name - it is not "clock" but "Clocx". Hahaha.

Clocx desktop clock features:

  • Analog clock skin - you can choose a different analog clock each day that suits your mood. Not possible for a real wall clock. The background is also configurable.

  • Alarm - you can create reminders for a certain time - Clocx can display a pop-up reminder or play a sound of your choice OR you can execute a pre-selected application to run or even shutdown your PC automatically.

  • Eye candy / graphical settings -you anti-alias your clock, set the clock transparency and per-pixel blending.
  • Auto startup - set Clocx as your preferred clock that runs as a Windows startup program.

  • Multilanguage support - the current version supports Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Clocx might be a simple analog desktop enhancement application but it works fine for me. Maybe you should try it too!

Download Clockx analog desktop clock from the link provided in Windows Desktop Tools page. Don't forget to check out Symmtime Multi Zone Desktop Clock too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Starter - no nonsense Windows Startup Manager

One of the things that can slow down your Windows PC startup process is all the running applications in the Windows taskbar with the bottom right icons on your screen. You might need to run some of these programs during startup time, your antivirus and antispyware for example but most of it, you can just remove it - they just make your screen more cluttered and eats up valuable memory running in the background.

With the obviously named Starter, a free Windows startup manager, you can easily add, edit or remove startup programs to speed up your Windows startup process. This is the kind of things that you can do with Starter:

  • Startup programs management - you can add, edit, enable or disable startup programs easily from this view. This view also helps users to view programs explicitly run by a privileged user or programs that are shared and run by all.

  • Windows system process management - Add, edit or remove unnecessary running process that slows down your computer from this view. You can also set the priority for a process that needs more cpu power.

  • Windows services management - Easily access Windows service management view from this startup freeware. Set which programs you want to start automatically or in manual mode from this view.

Starter also comes with multiple language support for your convenience. It is one of the easiest to use Windows startup manager around and if you are looking for other alternatives, check out and download Startup Inspector for Windows.

Download Windows startup manager Starter from the links provided in the Windows Startup and Shutdown Tools.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Coolware / Best Free Software Program Summary - March 2007

This is a summary of my free software list for the month of March 2007.

Click on the program name to know the details or click the Category title to check out more freeware programs.

Best Antivirus and Antispyware Cleaning Tools

  • Spyware Blaster - specialized free antispyware program that proactively blocks spyware before it strikes.

Best File Download Tools
  • uTorrent - a ligthweight bittorrent client.

  • YouRipper - download and save Youtube videos from this program in .flv format.

  • Youtube Downloader - download and convert Youtube video files.

  • Pando - a tool to bypass large email attachments limitations, upload and download big attachments.

  • Ares Galaxy - another popular P2P software, with humongous user base.

Best Internet Browsing Tools
  • Google Preview for Mozilla Firefox - don't just get search results, add a thumbnail preview on your Google's search results!

  • K9 Web Protection - powerful parental filter / web content filtering program to block and monitor unwanted sites.

  • McAfee SiteAdvisor - get expert advice that advises you on the safetiness of a site that you are going to browse.

Best Educational Tools
  • Convert - an easy to use measurement or unit conversion software.

Best Windows System Tools
  • CCleaner - cleans cookies, internet histories, junk files, and save hard disk spaces in one click.

Best Hard Disk Management Tools
  • Undelete Plus - recover deleted files with easy to use interface.

Best Windows Desktop Tools

Best Web Design Tools
  • Pixie - a cute, free hexadecimal colour picker that does it job wonderfully.

Best Media Tools
  • Mp3Tag - edit and tag your mp3 files easily with this freeware tool.

Best Personal Infomation Management Tools
  • Money Manager Ex - a simple, easy to use money management program that tracks your budget and accounts

And if you want it all, you are welcome to check out the full free software list.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

MWSnap - easy to use screen capture program

After you have finished reading this post, you can safely ditch your keyboard's "Print Screen" button. It's too cumbersome to use. To capture something on your computer screen with the "Print Screen" button, you have to tap it once, paste the result in your best image editor, resize it to fit your taste and save it in your favorite picture format.

With MWSnap screen capture program, you can eliminate all the above fusses - you only need to drag around what you want to capture on your computer screen and click (drag and click) and you are done. Simple needs requires simple to use freeware.

These are some of the best features of MWSnap image capture program:-

  • 5 snapping modes - select either to snap with a fixed rectangle (defined by you!), snap with any rectangle, snap a full desktop, snap a window or menu, or repeat the last snap mode.

  • 5 graphics formats support - MWSnap offers users to save pictures in popular graphics formats - BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF

  • Additional graphical tools - MWSnap provides extra essential tools: a zoom function, a ruler to measure snapshots, a color picker and a window spy.

  • Auto Saving / Printing - If you love automation so much, let MWSnap decides how to save your snapshots automatically. Sit back and relax.

  • Multilevel / Configurable user interface - This really become important if you believe in the spirit of nationalism. :D

Take your time to get to know MWSnap and then if you are satisfied, consider my suggestion to ditch that "Print Screen" button. Leave some comments if you really, successfully "ditch" it.

Download MWSnap easy peasy screen capture program from the link provided in the Image Viewing Tools page.

Monday, April 2, 2007

DownThemAll - advanced download manager extension for Mozilla Firefox

DownThemAll is one of the best and most convenient Firefox plugins that you can get now. If you are still using the default Firefox Download Manager, it is time for a change, for good. DownThemAll is an integrated file download manager for Mozilla Firefox and it's way better compared to others.

DownThemAll speeds up your download process by downloading chunks of the completed file and the developers at claims that it can reach a 400% speed improvement. That's a humongous improvement!

It's so easy to use and these are some of its advanced features:

  • Multiparted, convenient stop and resume downloads - downloads are done in multiple chunks to increase speed and efficiency, it can be stopped and resumed at any time.

  • DownThemAll! - instant webpage element downloads is also available. You can select to download all links in a page or all images in a page with a single click. This feature is usually found in a webpage downloader such as WinHTTrack. A really nice and useful addition.

  • dTaOneClick - DownloadThemAll (dTa) will remember all your previous download settings and apply it so that you can perform the same tasks again, in another similar website, all in one click.

  • Smart Filtering - Users can use smart filtering to filter unnecessary files from being downloaded.

  • Automatic File Rename - This is for really fussy downloaders. You can set the renaming convention on your own in the Preferences menu.

Having listed some of the important features above, there are loads of other tricks for you to explore in DownThemAll and i'll leave it for you for comments and discussion. DownThemAll works like a charm and a really must-have Firefox extension, even for casual downloaders.

Believe my word about DownThemAll and i am sure you will be delighted with its performance.

Download DownThemAll and more coolware from the link provided on the File Download Tools page.

Other useful file download program:
Ares Galaxy - unique p2p file sharing software
Youtube Downloader - download youtube videos