Monday, April 16, 2007 Update Checker - check new versions of installed software, all at once!

Imagine you have more than 10 popular applications on your PC and you want to know if any newer versions or updates are available for all of them - AT ONCE. - a popular site that offers updates for popular softwares such as IrfanView, Foxit Reader, Mozilla Thunderbird and more, have created a freeware that satisfy this needs. Update Checker is a freeware that lets you know that new updates are available for all your popular software programs on your PC in an easy way.

When you click the file udc.exe, these processes will occur:-

  1. Update Checker will check for popular applications installed on your PC

  2. Update Checker will then send these information to

  3. If newer releases / updates for any of your installed software are found, Update Checker will display it neatly on your favorite browser - either Mozilla Firefox or IE.

From the displayed list, users can click buttons to select and install new updates as they wish. My only hope is that future versions will include an "Update All" button (optional) to increase Update Checker usefulness. Till then, happy updating!

You can download Update Checker from the link provided in the Windows System Tools page.

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Perse Adrian said... is a website like FileHippo but contains more software.