Friday, May 18, 2007

GOM Player - play broken video files!

GOM Player is one of the best media player that you can find out there, particularly on the codecs support. Just after installation, GOM Media Player lets you enjoy most of the available audio and media format out there without having to download separate media codecs that bugged your previous media enjoyment.

If a particular codec is not available via GOM Media Player in case of any copyright issues, GOM Media Player will try to redirect you to the website that you can download and install a separate codec to work with it, no more blind searches with Google anymore! GOM Player also excels in becoming a video enthusiast's choice, because of its awesome ability to tweak video and audio controls.

Furthermore, these are other features of GOM Media Player that stands out against it competitors:

  • Plays broken files - ever had any files that never finished downloading and you wish to see the content? Use GOM Player!

  • Clean cut interface - great for casual video viewers like me, the interface is easy to the eyes

  • Easy Browser and Playlist - built in internal media browser that let you access and play media files with a few clicks. Playlist makes it easier to manage current favorites.

  • All in One Player - plays audio files, video files, vcds and dvds too!

  • Multiple playback mode - speed up or slow down a video play, pan and scan, it is all up to you.

  • Excellent subtitle support - you can move a video subtitle up or down, video geeks will love this.

  • Custom video controls - sharpen, add noise or blur videos, capture screenshots, increase or decrease hues and more.

  • Custom audio controls - available equalizer support, filter voices and more.

  • Multiple viewable screen sizes - have your movies in full screen, full screen stretch, fit to desktop resolutions and more. You are in charge of the aspect ratio, either choose a built in or define you owned custom aspect ratio!

With all the ready made codecs, custom audio and video controls, GOM Player is one of the best choices of PC media players around and for sure I will be using it for a long time. Will you do the same?

Download GOM Player from the link provided in the Media Player page. Or if you are looking for another media player, check out the awesome VLC Player.

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