Friday, June 8, 2007

3 Awesome Mathematical Freeware

Mathematical software programs, because of only specific users use it, mostly are very expensive for students. I've come across this post, 3 awesome free Math programs from and thought it was great addition to my Educational Freeware section.

Here are excerpts from the post:

  1. Maxima - A general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) is a program that’s able to perform symbolic manipulation for the resolution of common problems.

  2. Scilab - Matlab is the standard for numerical computing, but there are a few clones and valid alternatives that are entirely free. Scilab is the closest that you can get to Matlab without spending a penny.

  3. R - For statistical computing and analysis in the Open Source world, it doesn’t get any better than R. It is a programming language and environment that enables you to do pretty much anything that the commercial software (S-Plus) does.

To read the full details, check out the link that aforementioned above. Engineering students will be most probably benefit from these three mathematical freeware. Awesome post by

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Horazio said...

I also have 2 nice math freewares:
X2 for quadratic equations and VCL for 2D vector analysis
They're on my site: