Saturday, June 30, 2007

Elfima Notepad - save documents in pdf, html, xml or svg format

Your first impression when you look at Elfima Notepad is that it doesn't differ much from the original Windows Notepad. What you will find later that Elfima Notepad is a text editor that has an ability to save and edit documents created in it with pdf, html, xml or svg document format.

PDF documents created in Elfima Notepad can be edited and modified from time to time and you can even add bookmarks, hyperlinks, annotations and even images! The simple help file will get you get your hands dirty with Elfima Notepad in no time and I believe that after quite some time in using it, you will realize that Elfima Notepad is quite a decent text editor.

Not bad for a simple Notepad application huh?

Click here to download Elfima notepad.

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