Monday, June 18, 2007

GreenPad - notepad alternative with syntax highlighting

Looking for a better notepad replacement without much bells and whistles? Check out GreenPad, a tiny text editor for Windows. Notepad users will find that GreenPad is similar in looks, with some distinct features.

GreenPad support syntax highlighting and line numbering, making it useful for simple and fast HTML coding and users can use regular expressions to search for texts inside it. GreenPad doesn't need to be installed, runs right after decompression, and for its small size, it is handy to place it in your USB drive for mobile needs.

Download GreenPad from the link provided in the Notepad Replacement Tools page.

Other freeware notepad alternatives: Metapad, Steganos Locknote, FSekrit

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Dosman said...

I am trying to locate a notepad alternative that will operate within the DosBox environment.
Thank you,
Leonard Schneider Pres.
United Software and Design Inc.