Thursday, June 21, 2007

ScribeFire - drag and drop blog editor

ScribeFire is a blog editor add ons for Mozilla Firefox. With ScribeFire (previously named Performancing), you can compose your blog from within the browser itself. ScribeFire can connect to your favorite blog platforms (Blogger, Wordpress, Drupal etc.), download previous posts for review, display your blog categories, upload images to your blog and more. This freeware also supports rich content editing, html editing and live preview, just what you are looking forward in a good blog editor.

The advantage of using ScribeFire is that you can drag and drop texts or contents that interests you within your browser directly to ScribeFire, saving you the time to cut and paste interesting web contents. I've tested ScribeFire in composing and uploading blog posts to my other blog, Belacan, and it works flawlessly.

If you prefer an offline blog editor rather than ScribeFire, check out my post on Post2Blog blog editor.

Click to download ScribeFire.

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