Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ASCII Art Maker - photos to ASCII art made easy

ascii art maker screenshot
ASCII Art Maker is a freeware that will turn normal photos / pictures to ASCII art. If you don't know what ASCII Art is, check out Chris.com's ASCII Art Collection or Amit Agarwal's ASCII Text Portraits of 100 Bloggers.

ASCII Art Maker lets you open your pictures from its interfaces, select the characters that you want to include in your ASCII codes (random, fixed or a mix of numbers, symbols, and more), select a background color (optional), and resize the pictures to your heart's content. You can also save the ASCII art of yours and show it off to your friends.

This freeware is so easy to use and finally makes ASCII art available for everyone. Download ASCII Art Maker today.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Unlocker - delete stubborn, annoying files or folders

Have you experience any of these annoying dialog boxes when you are trying to delete some files / folders?

  • Cannot delete file: Access is denied

  • There has been a sharing violation.

  • The source or destination file may be in use.

  • The file is in use by another program or user.

  • Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

What you do normally is you will try to reboot your system and delete the files after that. This problem is one of the biggest annoyances that you will encounter if you are a Windows user but thankfully, there is a freeware to solve this problem.

With Unlocker, you only need to right click on the stubborn folder or file, and select "Unlocker". If the file or folder is locked then a window will appear with a list of processes locking the file or folder. Select the locks and click Unlock and you are done.

That is cool isn't it? Download Unlocker today and save your headache for some other important things.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Miro - internet tv made easy

miro internet tv screenshots
or Democracy Player (old name) is a free open source video platform that made Internet TV easy. If you are not familiar on how Internet TV works, check out here. Miro allows channel subscriptions from various Internet sources - video rss feed, podcast, video blog and more. Miro can also search and play videos from popular video publishers out there - YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video and more.

Initially, Miro comes with few interesting channels such as AskNinja and DiggNation, but you can always search for channels using the Miro Guide to add more. Miro can also play any of your local video files, no matter what format it is. Furthermore, Miro lets you access more High Definition content (HD) from its channels.

Miro is very easy to use, you just select the channels that you want to subscribe, check out the video list and click the download button to have your videos downloaded. You don't have to worry about Miro taking out all your hard disk spaces, all videos are automatically deleted after 6 days (you can change this setup too!). You can also save videos that you love permanently or add downloaded videos to playlists for continuous video play. If you love a video, don't forget to social bookmark it to digg, del.icio.us or reddit. You can even email your friends the video links too to spread the fun!

Miro's interface is so easy and if you know how to operate a tv, this freeware should not be a problem for you. Download Miro today.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Revo Uninstaller - uninstaller with extra system tools

revo uninstaller screen shots
Revo Uninstaller
doesn't only help you remove applications from your personal computer, it will also completely scan and wipe out unnecessary files, folders and registry keys too. If you have any broken application installed, Revo Uninstaller can cleans these as well.

Revo Uninstaller unique "Hunter Mode" lets you do one click to uninstall, stop or delete only by aiming it to any applications icon on the desktop, quick launch toolbar, system tray or opened application. Another mode available is "Drag and Drop" mode, where you can uninstall ,stop or delete applications just by drag and drop their shortcut icons over the "Fire Window" of Revo uninstaller.

Furthermore, Revo Uninstaller also provides extra features:

  • Unrecoverable Delete Tool - add files or folders to delete making it impossible to recover even by file recovery software, such as Undelete Plus

  • Evidence Remove Tool - select drives to clean up your tracks and deleted files.

  • Auto Run Manager - click to disable and enable startup applications

  • Windows Tools Manager - access Windows system tools easily.

  • Clean Junk Files - scan junk files and delete to clean up system.

  • Clear Browser History - supports for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Internet Explorer.

  • Office History Cleaner - wipes out Microsoft Office junk files.

  • Clear Windows History - click button to clean windows document history and more.

To summarize it all, Revo Uninstaller is not only an uninstaller, it also acts a system optimizer that helps to clean up your system from junk files. Try it today, download Revo Uninstaller!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MoonEdit - collaborative single document editing

moonedit collaborative text editor screenshot
offers collaborative text editing - that means more than one people with installed MoonEdit editor can edit a single document from different places at the same time. A user can host a file / more than one file (functioning as a server) and up to 14 people can edit the same document at one time. That is what you call a collaborative effort.

MoonEdit differentiates users editing the same document with different cursor colors for different user names. While a user is writing a document, he or she can also see what others are typing. Additionally, when a user comes in to open a previously edited file, he can also view the History view to check out what had being added or edited while he is away. If MoonEdit is still opened, you can instantly know that somebody is editing the file if you choose to turn on the keyboard tapping sound.

MoonEdit is really useful if you are looking for a simple collaboration tool that you can use for text editing among colleagues. Download MoonEdit today and experience a new way to collaborate.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flock - web browser with social steroids

is known as the social web browser because it makes it easy for you to connect and share web findings online among your friends and the public. You can upload and share photos, files and bookmarks instantly within its interface. Flock is based on the Mozilla Firefox browser codes, thus it shares the same capabilities such as extension / add on support, windows tabs, reliable security settings and more.

Here is some of the things that made Flock different:

  • My World homepage - shows your current favorite photos, feeds and bookmarks on one page

  • Minibar & Web Clipboard - view, drag and drop pictures on a built in clipboard, bookmark with a star or share it

  • Smart Search - get instant results as-you-type-it.

  • Built in blog editor - found a page that you like? Blog it instantly!

  • Photo uploader - upload favorite pictures instantly to PhotoBucket or Flickr

  • Feed Me - built in feed reader that makes subscribing to RSS as easy as ABC

  • Safe surf - instantly get alerts on fraud / dangerous websites, Flock updates automatically to maintain it's security!

That is just a fraction of what Flock can do. Head to the flock website to check out the demo or just download Flock to experience a new social web surfing now!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Magic Transfer - synchronize multiple Windows PC settings

Tired of changing Windows settings each time you use a different PC, formatting your PC, and each time a virus or spy ware messes up your system? Fear no more, Magic Transfer is all you need to save your Windows settings and restore it each time disaster strikes!

Magic Transfer backups Windows settings including Windows system settings, Internet Explorer settings, Microsoft Outlook settings, and Mozilla Firefox settings. You can even backup and restore your files with this freeware! Settings can be individually selected or click a button to force Magic Transfer to backup all of them. Furthermore, you can create a self extracting Magic Transfer file to make it easier to restore settings backup on another PC.

I've tested Magic Transfer to backup and restore browser settings on my PC and boy it works. Go on, download Magic Transfer, try it to your heart's content and kindly share your experiences by leaving some comments below. Thanks!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Font Xplorer - ultimate Windows font viewer

Font Xplorer
provides detailed overview on installed TrueType fonts inside your Windows personal computer. With this coolware, you will get comprehensive information on all the fonts - whether it was installed correctly and more.

Font Xplorer can also help you select the best fonts to use, by comparing fonts side by side. You can write your own text with the fonts for comparison purpose or print the selected fonts in a professional, sample sheets font view. Furthermore, Font Xplorer lets you load, unload, install or uninstall fonts easily with its graphical interface.

Download Font Xplorer.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

TED Notepad - notepad replacement with various text processing function

TED Notepad
is not just another notepad replacement. This freeware is portable (you can store and use it from your USB drive), and offers true plain text editing.

TED Notepad includes various text processing function such as search and replace, word and phrase completion, auto indentation, text statistics, recent and favorite files, extensive search support and more. It also includes maximum hotkey support for each single action on the TED Notepad interface. With 9 permanent clipboard support, text replacement and note pasting is a breeze. Another good feature is there is no limit in font size, it all depends on how much physical memory that you have.

If you are looking for a better alternative to Windows Notepad, download TED Notepad today.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Uconomix SnapLogger Lite - time tracking freeware with screenshots playback

uconomix snaplogger lite image
Do you want to know what you really do in front of your PC all day long? If you do, then you need Uconomix SnapLogger Lite. It is a freeware that records your computer activities by taking screenshots of your screen at a predefined interval. You can set SnapLogger to capture your full screen or only the active window (the application window that you are using at that current time) of your screen.

Uconomix SnapLogger Lite use low Windows system resources so you don't need to worry about system lag. You can also set Uconomix default data folder to save screenshots and how long do you want the data to be saved on your PC. For more efficient usage, you can opt for Uconomix to be automatically launched during Windows system startup.

The best part is once the recording was finished and you get to see a playback of your activities during the day like a movie. With those information, you will really know if you are really working or busy chatting with friends with an Instant Messenger during the day. If used wisely, I believe this tool can help users to realize what they are doing everyday and try to be a little more productive with their computers.

Download Uconomix SnapLogger Lite.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

FileTargets - quickly copy and move files to favorite folders

FileTargets make copying and moving files from one location to your favorite folders quicker and easier. Once installed, FileTargets will create a Windows right-click context menu, with configurable folder options.

Users can add their favorite folders to FileTargets menu so that the next time they want to copy or move files over there, it will always be available via a right click. No more frantic search for folders anymore. Users can also create folders to group favorite directories that share the same attributes such as a music parent folder / image parent folder. Users can also set the default action to copy or move and if you set it to copy, move will be available with a Shift + click and vice versa.

FileTargets is free to use but you need to activate it first with the activation code on the developer's website. Download FileTargets today.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Xenu Link Sleuth - broken links / hyperlinks checker

xenu link sleuth image
Xenu Link Sleuth is a simple, fast freeware application that can help bloggers / webmasters to check broken (dead) links / hyperlinks on their site. This is useful if you have a website with hundreds / thousands of post and you need to check all internal and external links are working well.

Xenu does not check normal links only, it also checks for broken links of images, frames, plugins, css and more. It is also capable to produce a report that can be optionally mailed to the webmaster for further actions. Users can increase the speed of Xenu by increasing search threads from the Preferences menu and if you are not comfortable with all the links listed (ok, pending, busy, etc), you can opt to display broken links only.

Xenu is an epitome of a simple freeware application that can ease normal, mundane and repetitive tasks such as link checking. If you are interested in it, click here to download Xenu Link Sleuth now.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Orbit Downloader - total media downloader solution

Orbit Downloader
, as described by its developers, is a total media downloader solution. Orbit Downloader can download media files (audio, video, flash, etc.) from sites such as MySpace, Youtube, Pandora, and more. It can also support downloads from Rapidshare and MegaUpload!

Furthermore, this freeware can speed up file downloads because it is based on the P2P technology. Orbit Downloader integrates seamlessly with multiple browsers such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox. The Grab++ function is particularly useful because it automatically grab download links and separate the media files in multiple format categories so that users can select the files that they want to download.

Other noteworthy features are download speed limiter support, antivirus integration and pause / resume support. With its small download size and super light efficiency, I totally recommend you to try and download Orbit Downloader.

If you want a simpler solution such as a Firefox add-on, you can try out the mighty DownThemAll.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

EverNote - single place for all types of notes

evernote notepad image
EverNote is a note taking application that functions as a single place for all types of notes. With this freeware, you can store all your typed notes, memos, web page excerpts, emails, phone numbers, to do lists and more. Notes can be easily arranged within categories created manually or automatically. To ease navigation, EverNote comes with a smart search button that will highlight search results, a time band to check notes based on posting time, and an accelerator scroll bar to speed up notes browsing from a single page of notes.

EverNotes is a bit different from other note taking tools because it stores all your notes in one page and use smart navigation tools to prevent notes overload. It also integrates nicely with Mozilla Firefox to provide a quick way to save contents from the Internet with a single click. There are multiple notes templates to choose from and a spell checker is another welcoming addition to this coolware. Users can also make EverNote go full screen for a much better rich editing experience.

With smart navigation systems and feature rich package, EverNote is another welcoming addition to my notepad replacement tools freeware list. Download EverNotes now.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AlPass - free password manager for Internet Explorer

alpass free password manager pictures
AlPass is a free password manager for Internet Explorer, or in layman's term, a software that remembers all your login IDs and passwords so that you don't have to insert passwords again and again, each time you are going to check your Yahoo Mail, for example.

Once AllPass was installed, you just need to boot your Internet Explorer and login to your favorite sites to have AllPass record all your login details. That is all. The next time you are in the same page, AllPass will fill all the details and automatically log you in to the particular system (provided that you check the Auto Complete and Auto Submit options). AlPass data is secured by the 3DES algorithm and multiple users on the same PC can have their own private AlPass password manager account.

AlPass is useful, respects your privacy and proven safe to use. It is a pity that it does not support Firefox. Nonetheless, it is a very useful tools for die hard IE fans.

Download AlPass now.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

File Shredder - delete sensitive files securely

File Shredder is a simple freeware that lets you delete sensitive files securely by randomly rewriting deleted files over and over again. This is important because a normal Windows file deletion process only removes the file from a user's operating systems view, thus making the file easily recovered with file recovery software, such as Undelete Plus.

With File Shredder, you just need to add files that you need to delete to its interface and click "Shred Files Now" for secure file deletion. Additionally, File Shredder can wipe unused disk space with the "Shred Free Disk Space" function.

Download File Shredder now.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Photoscape - easiest image editor around?

Photoscape is probably the easiest image editor / photo enhancer freeware you can ever have. The interface is stunningly user friendly yet the features are something worth talking about. Users will find a Viewer with Windows Explorer interface to view image files, an Editor for image editing (cropping, resizing, red eye removal, and more), plus a raw image converter for serious photographers.

Other features include a Combine function to easily combine multiple images into one, a file renamer, and batch editing support. And where else you can find an image editor with the ability to create animated gifs from images, bundled with a screen capture function and a colour picker in one freeware application? Only available in Photoscape.

If you never or have used a photo editor before, give Photoscape a test drive. Photo editing will never be easier and at the same time being feature-rich with Photoscape. Period.

Click here to download Photoscape ( mandatory! :D )

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Disk Cleaner - easily cleans temporary junk files

Disk Cleaner freeware cleans your computer from temporary junk files that waste hard disk space. Upon opening Disk Cleaner, users are presented with a list of programs with temporary files, such as Mozilla Firefox cookies, Recycle Bin and others.

Selection can be then made to clean all the temporary files or by just selecting the most necessary to be cleaned. This selection can also be saved as "file cleaning settings", so it can be used over and over the next time you feel the urge to do a clean sweep of your choice. Locked temporary files will be cleaned the next time you reboot, if you run this freeware on Windows startup.

Furthermore, Disk Cleaner is small in size and self contained (means that no installation was required for it to work), so you can put it inside your USB thumb drive, and portably bring it anywhere you go, most useful for cleaning tracks on public computers that you use.

Click here to download Disk Cleaner.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Naomi - all in one internet filtering freeware

Naomi is a free Internet filtering program that does not only filter web browser traffic, instead it will filter any traffic that was related to the Internet including p2p, web messenger, newsreader traffic and more. Naomi's action is a little bit harsh but efficient, because it will close down any application with traffic deemed inappropriate, such as offensive, adult only material.

To safeguard Naomi's settings, parents are allowed to enter an administrator password. They can even install a few plugins that enhances Naomi's usability such as plugins with the ability to block p2p traffic, blocking MySpace's page and disable image searching on the Internet. What Naomi lacks is the ability to choose a different blocking action rather than blatantly closing programs with child-unsafe traffic. Other than that, Naomi works perfect as a free Internet filtering program.

For those who are looking for a more lenient Internet filtering program, you might want to try K9 Web Protection freeware.

Click here to download Naomi.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

HDD Health - hard disk temperature monitor and fault prediction agent

HDD Health is a simple but useful freeware. It monitors your physical hard disk drives by using an agent that will interface with built-in hard disk S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology) feature, make a prediction and alert users in case of any impending hard disk failure. Alerts can be set from the options menu to be displayed as a pop up message, a network log, or by sending notifications to an email address.

Most of the time, I use HDD Health to monitor current hard disk temperature, in case any overheating occurs. The temperature threshold, agent polling time and time checking interval for HDD Health can be set at any time. Other than that, this freeware offers detailed, extended information on your hard disks that you won't think existed before.

Click here to download HDD Health.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Dexpot - virtual desktops on Windows

Dexpot is of German technology origin and being a German product, it does not disappoint. Dexpot lets you have virtual desktops on Windows, just like its Linux counterpart. Having more than one desktop lets you open more application and be productive without unnecessary clutters or tabs and with Dexpot, you can define the number of virtual desktops that you really want.

Switching between virtual desktops can be done with a simple tap of [Alt] + [number] or by using the Desktop Manager. For faster desktop switching, you can opt for a screen to screen switching by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. Moving or copying application between desktops are also a breeze. You can even set passwords to any virtual desktop for extra privacy.

To see all of your desktops at once, the Full Screen Preview is indispensable in showing all the virtual desktops in clickable window panes. A Task Switcher are also available to switch active tasks between virtual desktops.

If you love virtual desktops, you will love Dexpot with its many configurable options. If you don't, it is time to fall in love.

Click here to download Dexpot.

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