Thursday, July 12, 2007

EverNote - single place for all types of notes

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EverNote is a note taking application that functions as a single place for all types of notes. With this freeware, you can store all your typed notes, memos, web page excerpts, emails, phone numbers, to do lists and more. Notes can be easily arranged within categories created manually or automatically. To ease navigation, EverNote comes with a smart search button that will highlight search results, a time band to check notes based on posting time, and an accelerator scroll bar to speed up notes browsing from a single page of notes.

EverNotes is a bit different from other note taking tools because it stores all your notes in one page and use smart navigation tools to prevent notes overload. It also integrates nicely with Mozilla Firefox to provide a quick way to save contents from the Internet with a single click. There are multiple notes templates to choose from and a spell checker is another welcoming addition to this coolware. Users can also make EverNote go full screen for a much better rich editing experience.

With smart navigation systems and feature rich package, EverNote is another welcoming addition to my notepad replacement tools freeware list. Download EverNotes now.

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