Friday, July 27, 2007

Miro - internet tv made easy

miro internet tv screenshots
or Democracy Player (old name) is a free open source video platform that made Internet TV easy. If you are not familiar on how Internet TV works, check out here. Miro allows channel subscriptions from various Internet sources - video rss feed, podcast, video blog and more. Miro can also search and play videos from popular video publishers out there - YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video and more.

Initially, Miro comes with few interesting channels such as AskNinja and DiggNation, but you can always search for channels using the Miro Guide to add more. Miro can also play any of your local video files, no matter what format it is. Furthermore, Miro lets you access more High Definition content (HD) from its channels.

Miro is very easy to use, you just select the channels that you want to subscribe, check out the video list and click the download button to have your videos downloaded. You don't have to worry about Miro taking out all your hard disk spaces, all videos are automatically deleted after 6 days (you can change this setup too!). You can also save videos that you love permanently or add downloaded videos to playlists for continuous video play. If you love a video, don't forget to social bookmark it to digg, or reddit. You can even email your friends the video links too to spread the fun!

Miro's interface is so easy and if you know how to operate a tv, this freeware should not be a problem for you. Download Miro today.

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