Thursday, July 5, 2007

Naomi - all in one internet filtering freeware

Naomi is a free Internet filtering program that does not only filter web browser traffic, instead it will filter any traffic that was related to the Internet including p2p, web messenger, newsreader traffic and more. Naomi's action is a little bit harsh but efficient, because it will close down any application with traffic deemed inappropriate, such as offensive, adult only material.

To safeguard Naomi's settings, parents are allowed to enter an administrator password. They can even install a few plugins that enhances Naomi's usability such as plugins with the ability to block p2p traffic, blocking MySpace's page and disable image searching on the Internet. What Naomi lacks is the ability to choose a different blocking action rather than blatantly closing programs with child-unsafe traffic. Other than that, Naomi works perfect as a free Internet filtering program.

For those who are looking for a more lenient Internet filtering program, you might want to try K9 Web Protection freeware.

Click here to download Naomi.

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