Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mozilla Thunderbird added to Email / IM Tools

Mozilla Thunderbird added to Email / Instant Messaging Tools.

Spamihilator added to Email / IM Tools

Added Spamihilator to Email / Instant Messaging Tools.

Personal Information Management Tools

Money Manager Ex
free money management program
[download money manager ex] [money manager ex features]
Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software program.

free personal information manager
[download mt organizer] [mt organizer features]
Helps you in organizing information about friends and family with additional calendar and reminder.

free personal information manager
[download iDailyDiary] [idailydiary features]
iDailyDiary provides a simple interface that immediately gets you started taking daily notes, creating a journal, putting your thoughts into writing and much more.

Essential PIM Free
free personal information manager
[download essential pim] [essential pim features]
Free powerful PIM (Personal Information Manager) that features calendaring, notes keeping and contacts storage.

Notepad Replacement Tools

MAXA Text2Exe
free secure notepad
[download maxa text2exe] [maxa text2exe features]
MAXA Text2Exe secures your text files with a password with strong encryption.

free notepad alternative
[download moonedit] [moonedit features]
MoonEdit lets you edit a single text with up to 14 friends, real time over the network.

TED Notepad
free notepad alternative
[download TED notepad] [TED notepad features]
TED Notepad offers more functions that the normal Windows notepad. Check out the "reverse" function.

free notepad alternative
[download EverNote] [EverNote features]
EverNote lets you save all your notes in one place. Smart navigation and smart search support.

Elfima Notepad
free notepad alternative
[download elfima notepad] [elfima notepad features]
Elfima Notepad lets you save and edit your work in PDF, SVG, HTML or XML document format.

free notepad alternative
[download greenpad] [greenpad features]
GreenPad is another notepad alternative with extra syntax highlighting, line numbering and regex support.

free secure notepad
[download fsekrit secure notepad] [fsekrit notepad features]
fSekrit is a notepad replacement with password protection and file encryption support. Ideal for securing important passwords and notes.

NotesHolder Lite
free sticky notes program
[download notesholder] [notesholder features]
Easy to use sticky notes organizer.

free sticky notes program
[download keynote] [keynote features]
Keynote is a flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook, and it's always accessible with a single keypress.

free notepad alternative
[download metapad] [metapad features]
A simple Text Editor and Windows Notepad replacement program.

JC&MB Quicknote
free sticky notes program
[download quicknote] [quicknote features]
JC&MB Quicknote is an always-ready desktop-notepad.

PC Security Tools

Trend Micro Rootkit Buster
free anti spyware
[download tm rootkit buster] [tm rootkit buster features]
Trend Micro Rootkit Buster scans and clean your system from dangerous rootkits.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector
free pc security audit
[download secunia psi] [secunia psi features]
Secunia scans your PC for insecure, end-of-life and up-to-date applications.

free password manager
[download alpass] [alpass features]
AlPass is another password manager that makes login to your favorite sites easier. Internet Explorer only.

File Shredder
free secure deletion tool
[download file shredder] [file shredder features]
File Shredder is an add an erase secure deletion freeware to protect your privacy and prevent retrievement of deleted documents.

free port scanner
[download currports] [currports features]
CurrPorts scans your Windows local open ports and the processes that runs it.

free network scanner
[download lanspy] [lanspy features]
LanSpy is an easy to use network security scanner. It doubles up as a port scanner too!

Comodo Firewall Pro
free pc firewall
[download comodo firewall] [comodo firewall features]
Comodo Firewall Pro is one of the smartest firewalls you can ever see.Comodo Firewall Pro helps you to understand what is going on by analyzing each alert and providing you an intuitive, easily understandable Security Considerations section with each question it asks.

free password manager
[download roboform2go] [roboform2go features]
RoboForm2Go: Portable Automated Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Generator for USB key. The most recommended password management software in the world and it was named PC Magazine's Editor's Choice with a Five Star rating and CNET's Software of the Year.

free secure deletion tool
[download eraser] [eraser features]
Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

Password Agent Lite
free password manager
[download password agent] [password agent lite features]
Password Agent is a password manager program that allows you to store all your passwords, secret notes and data snippets in a single, easy to navigate, and secure database.

KeePass Password Safe
free password manager
[download keepass password safe] [keepass password safe features]
KeePass is an open-source password safe. Passwords can be stored in highly-encrypted databases, that can be unlocked with one master key or key-disk.

Steganos LockNote
free secure notepad
[download steganos locknote] [download steganos locknote]
Steganos LockNote will change the way you work with confidential notes. Highly recommended!

free encryption program
[download axcrypt] [axcrypt features]
Free Personal Privacy and Security for Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP with AES-128 File Encryption, Compression and transparent Decrypt and Open in the original application.

free encryption program
[download omziff] [omziff features]
Omziff is a straightforward encryption utility and also generates random passwords, splits files, and does secure file deletion according to DOD Standards.

Hard Disk Management Tools

Recover Files
free file reoovery program
[download recover files] [recover files features]
Recover Files is a free file recovery tool with an easy, intuitive interface.

HDD Health
free hard disk utility
[download hdd health] [hdd health features]
HDD Health monitors hard disk temperature and alerts users for impending hard disk failure.

Undelete Plus
free file reoovery program
[download undelete plus] [undelete plus features]
Undelete Plus is a quick and effective way to retrieve accidentally deleted files. An easy to use interface is a plus point for this freeware.

PC Inspector File Recovery
free file recovery program
[download pc inspector file recovery] [pc inspector features]
PC Inspector File Recovery allows you to recover lost files because of accidental deletion. It helps to recover files even if the boot sector has been damaged, so it claims.

free hard disk usage reporter
[download jdiskreport] [jdiskreport features]
JDiskReport enables you to understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives.

free hard disk usage reporter
[download spacemonger] [spacemonger features]
SpaceMonger can give you that bird's-eye-view you've wished for to view your current hard disk usage.

free hard disk usage reporter
[download treesize] [treesize features]
TreeSize Free tells you where precious space has gone to.

Cobian Backup
free pc backup program
[download cobian backup] [cobian backup features]
Cobian Backup is a freeware backup utility.

free file recovery program
[download restoration] [restoration features]
Restoration is an easy to use and straight forward tool to undelete files that were removed from the recycle bin or directly deleted from within Windows.

Windows System Tools

free unlocker
[download unlocker] [unlocker features]
Unlocker unlocks locked file and folders to ease deletion headache.

Revo Uninstaller
free windows uninstaller
[download revo uninstaller] [revo uninstaller features]
Revo Uninstaller is not just an uninstaller, it doubles up as a system optimizing tool.

Magic Transfer
free pc backup program
[download magic transfer] [disk cleaner features]
Magic Transfer let you transfer Windows system settings selectively or in bulk to another PC.

Disk Cleaner
free system optimizer
[download disk cleaner] [disk cleaner features]
Disk Cleaner is an obviously named application that cleans your Windows system from temporary, junk files with a few simple clicks.

free system optimizer
[download teracopy] [teracopy features]
TeraCopy speeds up local file transfers on Windows.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder
free windows license finder
[download magical jelly bean keyfinder] [magical jelly bean keyfinder features]
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder doesn't find jelly beans, it recovers your Microsoft Windows and Office license keys.

free windows uninstaller
[download myuninstaller] [myuninstaller features]
MyUninstaller is the replacement for Windows standard uninstaller program, with extra details.

Auslogics Registry Defrag
free defrag program
[download auslogics registry defrag] [auslogics registry defrag features]
Auslogics Registry Defrag offers wizard based registry optimization advice and registry cleaning.

Free Hide Folder
free folder locker
[download free hide folder] [free hide folder features]
Hide your Windows folder easily with a click of "Add To List" button.

Auslogics Disk Defrag
free defrag program
[download auslogics disk defrag] [auslogics disk defrag features]
Auslogics Disk Defrag is an easy to use Windows disk defragmentation freeware with a nice interface.

IOBit Smart Defrag
free defrag program
[download iobit smart defrag] [iobit disk defrag features]
A Windows Defragmenter alternative. Defrag your hard disk while you work with this best freeware for hard disk defragmentation. Update Checker
free software updater
[download update checker] [ update checker features]
A freeware to display new releases or updates of installed software programs inside your PC.

free system optimizer
[download ccleaner] [ccleaner blaster features]
A simple optimizer that removes unused and temporary files from Windows machines.

Belarc Advisor
free pc security audit
[download belarc advisor] [belarc advisor features]
The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser.

Advanced WindowsCare
free system optimizer
[download advanced windowscare] [advanced windowscare features]
Get rid of system slow down, freeze, crash and keep your system more stable with this advanced tool that provides an all in one single click solution.

BitSoft ShowIP
free networking tools
[download bitsoft showip] [bitsoft showip features]
ShowIP is a simple tool, that shows your current IP-address.

TweakNow RegCleaner Standard
free registry cleaner
[download tweaknow regcleaner] [tweaknow regcleaner features]
Finds and removes incorrect or obsolete values in your registry.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
free registry cleaner
[download eusing free registry cleaner] [eusing registry cleaner features]
Safely scan and repair registry problems - Spyware FREE.

free pc security audit
[download winaudit] [windaudit features]
PC audit and inventory of software, licenses, security configuration, hardware, network settings.

free system monitor
[download freemeter] [freemeter features]
FreeMeter is a freeware that monitors system performance, without slowing down the system itself.

Antivirus & Spyware Cleaning Tools

Spyware Terminator
free anti spyware
[download spyware terminator] [spyware terminator features]
Spyware Terminator is a spyware scanner and cleaner with optional ClamAv virus scanning tools.

Spyware Blaster
free anti spyware
[download spyware blaster] [spyware blaster features]
Prevent spyware from being installed on your computer. Prevention based anti spyware.

SpyBot Search and Destroy
free anti spyware
[download spybot search and destroy]
Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware. One of the most popular spyware detector / spyware removal tools out there.

Ad-Aware Personal
free anti spyware
[download ad-aware] [ad-aware features]
Easy to use spyware and adware cleaner.

Avast! 4 Home Editionl
free antivirus
[download avast]
A full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for home users and non-commercial use.

Windows Desktop Tools

free windows manager
[download wintabber] [wintabber features]
Unclutter your windows task bar with WinTabber tab manager. Tabs are the new in-thing.

free shortcut program
[download filetargets] [filetargets features]
FileTargets lets you create extra folders and subfolders on your right click menu for faster file copy / move to your favorite folders.

free virtual desktop
[download dexpot] [dexpot features]
Dexpot lets you have virtual desktops on your Windows, just like their Linux counterpart.

FTE - Faster Than Ever
free shortcut program
[download faster than ever] [faster than ever features]
Faster Than Ever or FTE in short is another freeware keyword based launcher.

free shortcut program
[download launchy program launcher] [launchy features]
Launchy is a program launcher that you can use to forget all about your Start Menu items.

Folder Guide
free shortcut program
[download folder guide] [folder guide features]
Folder Guide is a free handy utility that provides fast access to your frequently used and favorite folders.

free desktop clock
[download clockx] [clockx features]
An analog clock with extra functions for your desktop enhancement needs.

Copernic Desktop Search
free desktop search program
[download copernic desktop search] [copernic features]
Find your files, emails, images and more in your personal computer with the power of a search engine from your desktop.

free time synching program
[download symmtime] [symmtime features]
SymmTime 2007 is a convenient multi-zone desktop time utility that automatically synchronizes your system clock through the Internet to any accessible NTP server. Once it is set up on your computer, you can create several time zone clocks at one time - and you can change then anytime you want.

Google Desktop
free desktop search program
[download google desktop] [google desktop features]
Google is mega rich. They give away freebies for all. Let google helps you to index your pc for easy searching and more desktop fun.

Ava Find
free desktop search program
[download avafind] [avafind features]
Ava Find lets you find any file located on your computer instantly.

Folder Marker Free
free icon tools
[download folder marker free] [folder marker features]
Use Folder Marker to mark your folders with colors with a single mouse-click.

Email / Instant Messaging Tools


free instant messenger
[download pidgin] [pidgin details]
Pidgin is a free multiprotocol instant messaging client based on the popular GAIM open source project.

free email notification program
[download eprompter] [eprompter features]
Free program that automatically checks up to eight AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, or POP3 email accounts simultaneously and notifies in the Windows taskbar.

Trilian Basic
free instant messenger
[download trillian basic] [trillian basic features]
Login to multiple IM accounts from one single console.

Mozilla Thunderbird
free email client
[download mozilla thunderbird]
DUmp your Outlook email client. Use this free, powerful alternative from the Mozilla foundation.

free anti spam
[download spamihilator]
Spam filter that works with any POP3 client. Uses Bayesian filtering.

Internet Browsing Tools

free internet browser
[download flock] [flock features]
Flock is a revamped Mozilla Firefox that ease your social web browsing needs.

free parental control program
[download naomi] [naomi features]
Protect your family from notorious, dangerous internet traffic with Naomi.

GooglePreview for Mozilla Firefox
free browser addons
[download googlepreview] [googlepreview features]
A Mozilla Firefox browser add-ons that adds thumbnails beside your search

McAfee SiteAdvisor
free internet security advisor
[download mcafee siteadvisor for mozilla firefox]
[download mcafee siteadvisor for internet explorer] [mcafee siteadvisor features]
A security add-on for your Firefox browser that helps you identify sites that are linked to spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser-based attacks, phishing, or online fraud.

K9 Web Protection
free parental control program
[download k9 internet filter] [k9 web protection features]
Protect your children from offensive online content with K9 Web Protection. It's an internet filter cum parental control freeware.

free internet speed checker
[download myspeedpc] [myspeedpc features]
MySpeed PC is a downloadable speed test program that accurately measures your Internet connection bandwidth, and provides an easy to understand report of your download and upload speeds and connection quality.

Mozilla Firefox
free internet browser
[download mozilla firefox]
Award winning Firefox browser. Say goodbye to Internet Explorer. This is the in-thing.

HTTrack Website Copier
free webpage downloader
[download httrack website copier] [winhttrack features]
HTTrack is a free and easy-to-use offline browser utility.

free internet cache cleaner
[download cleancache] [cleancache features]
CleanCache is a free, very powerful Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox and Windows 2000/XP cleaner.

Startup / Shutdown Tools

free windows startup manager
[download starter startup manager] [starter features]
Easy to use Windows startup manager - add, edit and remove which programs to run at Windows startup with ease.

Startup Inspector
free windows startup manager
[download startup inspector] [startup inspector features]
Helps both novice and expert user manage Windows® startup applications.

Rocket Time
free time synching program
[download rocket time] [rocket time features]
Keeps your computer time accurate by synching it with Internet time servers.

Switch Off
free shutdown manager
[download switch off] [switch off features]
Switch off your computer automatically depending on your needs.

Image Viewing / Editing Tools

free image editor
[download photoscape] [photoscape features]
Photoscape is one of the easiest photo editor around. Great for image editing newbies.

free screen capture program
[download mwsnap screen capture] [mwsnap features]
Easy to use screen capture / image capture freeware. You will wonder if you have to keep the "Print Screen" button anymore.

free image viewer
[download irfanview] [irfanview features]
One of the fastest, most popular viewers worldwide. Very, very easy to use.

Easy Thumbnails
free thumbnail creator
[download easy thumbnails] [easy thumbnails features]
Make thumbnails of your pictures quickly and easily with this free software utility.

free image viewer
[download picasa] [picasa features]
Photo manager / editor from Google.

free image viewer
[download xnview] [xnview features]
View, convert or edit your photos / graphic files. Supports more than 200 graphics formats, and runs on many platforms.

free image editor
[download photofiltre] [photofiltre features]
Can't afford Adobe Photoshop? Use this ligthweight photo editor with great filters for photo effects.

Shrink Pic
free image resizer
[download shrink pic] [shrinkpic features]
Automatically resizes photos sent via email or uploaded to the web by creating temporary resized copies sent instead of the originals.

File Download Tools

Orbit Downloader
free file downloader
[download orbit downloader] [orbit downloader features]
Orbit Downloader is an all in one media download freeware, easily integrates with most common internet browser.

free file downloader
[download downthemall download manager] [downthemall features]
Advanced file download manager, easily integrated extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Ares Galaxy
free p2p program
[download ares p2p] [ares galaxy features]
Free P2P file sharing program with unique features such as internal media player, chatrooms and automatic source finding to increase download speed.

Youtube Downloader
free video ripper
[download youtube downloader] [youtube downloader features]
A free software that allows user to download the video from YouTube and to convert them in other formats.

free file downloader
[download pando] [pando features]
Use your existing email address to send & receive large files. Pando bypasses email attachment limits and is absolutely free.

free video ripper
[download youripper] [youripper features]
YouRipper is a small, easy to use utility which enables the end-user to download videos from the major video sharing websites such as YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, Daily Motion and Guba.

free p2p program
[download utorrent] [utorrent features]
A lightweight and efficient BitTorrent client. Available as a standalone / installable Windows package.

free p2p program
[download bitcomet] [bitcomet features]
One of the best BitTorrent client out there.

free p2p program
[download limewire] [limewire features]
Advanced peer-to-peer sharing softwarel. Fast and responsive.

Fresh Download
free file downloader
[download freshdownload] [freshdownload features]
Very fast download manager that turbo charges file downloads from the Internet.

Media Tools

free file downloader
[download clickster] [clickster features]
Clickster find and download music directly from web servers, faster and safer than P2P software.

free audio ripper
[download freerip] [freerip features]
FreeRip is another audio cd ripper plus digital music converter.

free audio editor
[download audacity] [audacity features]
Audacity is a free audio editor that packs a punch.

free audio tagger
[download mp3tag] [mp3tag features]
Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata (ID3, Vorbis Comments and APE) of common audio formats such as mp3 audio files.

free audio ripper
[download audiograbber] [audiograbber features]
An excellent CD-ripper for Windows 95/98/NT

Foxy Tunes
free audio player
[download foxytunes] [foxytunes features]
Control favorite media player without ever leaving the browser.

Media Monkey
free media manager
[download mediamonkey] [mediamonkey features]
Free media jukebox and music manager for serious music collectors.

Media Player

free media player
[download miro] [miro features]
Miro or Democracy Player is an internet tv player that downloads and plays subsribed channels of your choice.

GOM Media Player
free media player
[download gom media player] [gom player features]
GOM Player is a codec free media player (already available) with awesome features for video and audio optimization.

Quintessential Player
free audio player
[download qcd player] [qcd player features]
A lightweight, full featured audio player. Great interface and sounds perfect.

VLC Player
free media player
[download vlc player] [vlc player features]
A highly portable, platform independent multimedia player for various audio and video formats, as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

File Compression Tools

free file compression
[download zipgenius] [zipgenius features]
A full-featured ZIP program.

free file compression
[download 7-Zip] [7-Zip features]
A file archiver / compressor with high compression ratio.

Split Join
free file splitter
[download Split Join] [splitjoin features]
A utility for splitting and rejoining files.

Educational Tools

free dictionary and thesaurus
[download lingoes] [lingoes features]
Lingoes is a free dictionary with support for more than 60 languages.

free unit converter
[download Convert] [convert features]
Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions!

free dictionary and thesaurus
[download wordweb] [wordweb features]
A free English dictionary and thesaurus.

The Sage
free dictionary and thesaurus
[download the sage] [the sage features]
Another free English dictionary and thesaurus.

free mind map tools
[download freemind] [freemind features]
Create mind maps easily from your computer.

free interactive presentation tool
[download wink] [wink features]
Create interactive presentations by recording what you do on your computer in real time.

free educational game
[download seterra] [seterra features]
Seterra is a challenging geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities all over the world!

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor
free typing tutor
[download maxtype lite] [maxtype lite features]
MaxType LITE Typing Tutor is a free typing tutor for Windows.

Misc. Office Tools

Font Xplorer
free font tools
[download font xplorer] [font xplorer features]
Font Xplorer collects all detailed information on installed fonts on your system. Makes font management easy as pie.

Uconomix SnapLogger Lite
free time tracker
[download uconomix snaplogger] [uconomix snaplogger features]
Uconomix Snaplogger Lite records and playback your computer activities in screenshots based movie.

PDF 995 Suite
free pdf writer
[download pdf995 suite] [pdf995 suite features]
PDF995 Suite solves problem with creating pdf documents with hyperlinks and more.

ActivePDF PrimoPDF
free pdf writer
[download primopdf] [primopdf features]
ActivePDF PrimoPDF is a pdf writer / printer that create pdf documents with optional password protection and document security features.

PDF-Xchange Viewer
free pdf reader
[primopdf features] [pdf-xchange-viewer features]
Do more - insert text, export pdf files, add annotations and captions, pan and zoom with this multi functional pdf reader.

Foxit PDF Reader
free pdf reader
[download foxit pdf reader] [foxit reader features]
Foxit Reader is a blazing quick, feature-rich, no installation required PDF file reader.

BullZip PDF Printer
free pdf writer
[download bullzip pdf printer] [bullzip pdf printer features]
The BullZip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application. The ability to append pdf documents and watermark support adds extra charm to the freeware.

free windows file manager
[download freeCommander] [freecommander features]
An easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. You can find all the necessary functions to manage your files and folders.

Cute PDF
free pdf writer
[download Cute PDF] [Cute Pdf features]
You can create pdf documents from any applications with this freeware.

Office Application Suites

Open Office
free microsoft office alternative

[download open office]
Microsoft Office open source competitor. Full fledged Office applications for those who can't afford Microsoft's pricey tools.

free microsoft word alternative
[download Abiword] [Abiword features]
Freeware word processor. Easy leaning curve.