Sunday, March 11, 2007

Youtube Downloader - download your favourite youtube clips!

Have you ever want to download that funny movies from YouTube? Or maybe your favourite independent singers clip? Now you can do it wth the obviously named Youtube Downloader.

Before this i have shown you YouRipper, which you can find on the File Download Tools page. Youtube Downloader holds a slight advantage between those two. YouRipper will only download Youtube files in .flv format but with Youtube Downloader, there are two main functions:

  • Download Youtube files (it will still be downloaded in .flv format)

  • Convert the downloaded .flv files to another format e.g .avi (double this freeware with movie conversion capability)

Now it's your choice to choose between those two. Either YouRipper or Youtube Downloader, you can get the download links from the File Download Tools page.

Check out YouRipper's advantage over Youtube Downloader on that page. I won't tell ya :D !