Monday, March 12, 2007

K9 Web Protection - free parental control / Internet web filtering

Internet is quite a dangerous place to be nowadays. There are so many offensive materials freely available and are unsuitable for kids and families. That is why internet parental control freeware is a good choice to have on family computers.

K9 Web Protection is a great free web filtering software by BlueCoat Systems, one of the well known company in the internet security industry. It's easy to install with customizable options and filtering levels and works like a charm.

What can you expect from this internet filtering freeware:-

  • Web based administrator with password - key in a password to secure your web filtering settings. Control this part with either IE or Firefox

  • Out of the box, customizable web filter - K9 will depends on its database to block porn sites, deny spyware sites and more. Users can select the protection level which they think is suitable for the whole family.

  • Internet time restriction limit - parents can opt to block internet browsing or allow it according to a configurable, scheduled time limit.

  • Exceptions support - users can instruct this parental control freeware to unblock the wrongly blocked sites

  • Blocking effects - you can make K9 (imagine canine!) to create a barking sound when it's blocking sites and/or display warning messages on the browser

  • Keywords blocking - this will help parents to block words deemed offensive to their kids more specifically.

With K9, setting a line between good sites and bad sites is a breeze. IMHO, K9 Web Protection let parents allow their kids on the Internet without having to worry about adult sites and offensive materials, or basically, safe internet web surfing.

Remember, before you can install K9 Web Protection, you need to fill-up the form to obtain the lifetime license key. Don't be afraid, this coolware is still a freeware :D .

You can get the download links from the Internet Browsing Tools page.