Friday, March 16, 2007

Spyware Blaster - prevent spyware before it even strikes!

Spyware Blaster in not your usual spyware cleaning freeware. It blasts away spyware, adware, browser hijackers and unwanted pieces of software BEFORE it even entered your PC.

This is so true to the saying, "prevention is better than cure". What Spyware Blaster does is that it disable harmful CLSIDs of popular spywares on your PC, making your PCs aware of dangerous attempts, which can happen any other time. Users are advised to update their Spyware Blaster's database regularly, to keep up with the latest patterns,done with a simple click of a button - it's just like your usual anti-virus updates.

Spyware Blaster's doesn't remove spywares from your PC, it prevents them from hijacking your PC, usually at the time when you are using the Internet, so it's good to install Spyware Blaster initially. This is also its advantage, so you don't need to run this freeware in the background, because prevention has been done early on.

To summarize what it does to your PC, here are the advantages of spyware blaster:-

  • Prevention based freeware - it blocks the installation of malicious spyware and adware once installed.

  • Spyware blocker - works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Internet Explorer restrictions - it potentially blocks unwanted sites before it even reaches your PC.

Sometimes, users will be baffled by how Spyware Blaster actually works because it doesn't prompt you anything, none!. Try it first and you will agree with me and others who have benefited from this anti spyware freeware.

According to other users, Spyware Blaster works well in combination with Spybot Search and Destroy, the latter used to clean already infected PCs. But take note! The most critical part in using Spyware Blaster is to regularly update it.

Get the download links from the Antivirus and Spyware Cleaning page and enjoy risk free Internet browsing now!