Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ares Galaxy - unique P2P filesharing coolware

Ares or Ares Galaxy is yet another P2P filesharing free software with extra features. Ares has an easy to use interface and users can share and download any type of documents for example, video files, mp3 files, pdf documents and more. If you are a regular user of P2P file sharing programs, you won't have a problem in using Ares because of the availability of standard P2P features in this freeware.

Here are Ares Galaxy unique features which makes it stands out:

  • Built in media player - you can play your downloaded music of video files directly using Ares Galaxy

  • Multisource downloads - Ares is faster than others. It automatically finds more sources to increase download speed.

  • Library Organizer - your downloaded and shared files are arranged in categories for easy searching and sorting. Fast search is also available

  • Chatrooms - Bored waiting for downloads to finish? Chat with other Ares users!

  • Malicious File Blocker - you can choose to disable executable file downloads via Ares's Control Panel to prevent accidental adware / spyware program downloads.

Furthermore, Ares is a fully open-source freeware. It doesn't limit your peers / download speed that happen with some other so-called freeware, that may persuade you to buy the premium software with complete, full loaded features.

Get Ares download links from the File Download page. You can even get the download link of Limewire P2P, one of the famous P2P software there.