Monday, March 19, 2007

CCleaner - a simple hard drive cleaner and system optimizer

Looking up for another way to clean up the hard disk or optimize unused spaces? Look no more. CCleaner is a freeware system optimizer that cleans your system from unnecessary files such as browser cache, recently used files and more.

It also doubles up as a privacy tool because it can remove browser caches from the system in a secure way. You can even select what type of items that you want to be cleaned or you can just select all and leave CCleaner to do all the dirty jobs for you.

So how can this freeware help you? Cleaning up your system using CCleaner will help you run your PC faster and save valuable hard disk spaces. In some cases, the speed increase can be quite significant. It's fast and adware-free!

Some of its features:

  • Crap cleaner - cleans internet and pc usage tracks such as browser cache, recently used files, web sites visited, recycle bin, run programs cache, application history and more.

  • Registry repairer - CCleaner will scan your Windows registry thoroughly and give you a detailed report. You can remove all the unnecessary entries one by one or in bulk. You can even backup the registry for safekeeping.

  • Uninstaller - you can launch specific application's uninstaller from the CCleaner interface.

  • Disable startup programs - disable any startup programs that you don't use now. Take back your computer rights.

  • Internet privacy tools - CCleaner will clean browser caches instantly with a click of a button. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are both supported.

  • Secure file deletion - deletion of files will be done over for higher security features. This option is however, optional.

  • Simplicity pays - you can never get lost with CCleaner. The interface is damn intuitive.

I've tried CCleaner on my PC and thought that it was wonderful. It is so easy to use and did not messed up my computer configurations. Try it and paste your experiences in using it here.

Download CCleaner from the Windows System Tools page.