Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Undelete Plus - file recovery freeware with an intuitive interface

Undelete Plus will well, undelete / recover your deleted files. The process of recovering a deleted file depends on few factors. The most important one is that the sector of the hard disk that contains the deleted data has not yet been overwritten. Having said that, file recovery freeware such as Undelete Plus will probably be most useful when you are going to recover recently deleted files.

The best part of Undelete Plus is the interface is more intuitive compared to PC Inspector File Recovery which I have reviewed before. Here are a few good things about Undelete Plus.

  • Multiple language support - Undelete Plus let you use it in your native language (depends on availability).

  • Easy to use interface - select a drive to search and all the files that can be recovered will be displayed in a list.

  • Results filter - recovered files in Undelete Plus (and other file recovery tools too!) tends to return file lists without the original filename. Filtered results with Undelete Plus is really, a plus for this freeware.

Undelete Plus also has a few disadvantages. Here they are:

  • High CPU usage - This freeware really eats up CPU times when it is running (of course, searching use a lot of processing power!). So better leave Undelete Plus runs without intervention.

  • Limited search options - You can only search drives. You can't refine selection or narrowing it until the directory level.

Even with a few flops, I still think this freeware is worth mentioning. It is quite hard to fine a file recovery which is free and with an easy to use interface so I share it here with all of you.

Get Undelete Plus download link from the Hard Disk Management Tools page. Check out PC Inspector File Recovery and Restoration too.

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