Friday, March 23, 2007

Pixie - stylish, easy to use colour picker

First of all, Pixie is a really small free software. It takes only a small chunk of your hard drive to function and the interface is, small too! But what it does will really benefits webmasters and web designers.

One of the major irritants of web designing is picking the correct color and to be able to use it in your HTML code, you need to know the hexadecimal value of the colour itself. With Pixie - one of the best colour picker out there, you just need to point your cursor on a color that you want to choose - either from a website, a picture or anything. Pixie will display the correct hexadecimal value on its interface in real time, trust me it's so easy.

Pixie also has a few shortcut key, for example and the most useful - if you can't select a color because the image is so small, you just need to press Ctrl+Alt+X to magnify the picture and pick the color from the magnifier after that - brilliant!

Other than that, Pixie also shows the correct 'XY' position (coordinates) of your mouse pointer and it doesn't only show hexs, it shows color values in HTML, RGB, CMYK and HSV too.

It's free, small and really useful for web designing or web programming. Use it and kindly leave a comment if you love it.

Download Pixie via its link from the Web Design Tools page.

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