Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Money Manager Ex - simple personal finance management program

Looking for a good, free, easy personal finance software program? Look no more. Money Manager Ex is the only freeware that you need. It is simple, intuitive and will fit all your money management needs. Determining your financial worth is not a problem anymore with Money Manager Ex.

Money Manager Ex features:

  • Multiple accounts management - you can create and manage multiple financial accounts, for example, one account will be your savings account and another one is your cash account.

  • Repeating Transactions support - this feature will help you to make repeating transactions such as monthly bill payments, automatically deducted from your account, based on a date that you have pre-determined earlier.

  • Budgeting support - Money Manager Ex also has an interface for pre-determined budget input, making it easy for you to plan and avoid overspending.

  • Summary view - you can have a bird's eye view for all of your financial accounts from the summary pane, useful for quick account revision.

  • Stocks and Assets management - this free software doesn't limit you to track your savings account only. You can create multiple accounts for all your stocks and assets too.

  • Reporting support - this is where a personal finance software program really excels. Reporting makes it easier to track, compare and plan your future financial needs. Check out the "Where the Money Goes" report for an example report.

If you have a desktop and not a laptop, no problem - you can bring your Money Manager Ex anywhere! No installation required so you can boot it inside your USB thumb drive and carry it around if you wish. Great!

If you never tried a personal finance management program before and don't want to burn your money on Quicken or Microsoft Money, give Money Manager Ex a try - you have nothing to lose, who knows that you will save some money in the future with it!

Download Money Manager Ex personal finance software from the provided links on the Personal Information Management tools page.