Monday, April 2, 2007

DownThemAll - advanced download manager extension for Mozilla Firefox

DownThemAll is one of the best and most convenient Firefox plugins that you can get now. If you are still using the default Firefox Download Manager, it is time for a change, for good. DownThemAll is an integrated file download manager for Mozilla Firefox and it's way better compared to others.

DownThemAll speeds up your download process by downloading chunks of the completed file and the developers at claims that it can reach a 400% speed improvement. That's a humongous improvement!

It's so easy to use and these are some of its advanced features:

  • Multiparted, convenient stop and resume downloads - downloads are done in multiple chunks to increase speed and efficiency, it can be stopped and resumed at any time.

  • DownThemAll! - instant webpage element downloads is also available. You can select to download all links in a page or all images in a page with a single click. This feature is usually found in a webpage downloader such as WinHTTrack. A really nice and useful addition.

  • dTaOneClick - DownloadThemAll (dTa) will remember all your previous download settings and apply it so that you can perform the same tasks again, in another similar website, all in one click.

  • Smart Filtering - Users can use smart filtering to filter unnecessary files from being downloaded.

  • Automatic File Rename - This is for really fussy downloaders. You can set the renaming convention on your own in the Preferences menu.

Having listed some of the important features above, there are loads of other tricks for you to explore in DownThemAll and i'll leave it for you for comments and discussion. DownThemAll works like a charm and a really must-have Firefox extension, even for casual downloaders.

Believe my word about DownThemAll and i am sure you will be delighted with its performance.

Download DownThemAll and more coolware from the link provided on the File Download Tools page.

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