Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Starter - no nonsense Windows Startup Manager

One of the things that can slow down your Windows PC startup process is all the running applications in the Windows taskbar with the bottom right icons on your screen. You might need to run some of these programs during startup time, your antivirus and antispyware for example but most of it, you can just remove it - they just make your screen more cluttered and eats up valuable memory running in the background.

With the obviously named Starter, a free Windows startup manager, you can easily add, edit or remove startup programs to speed up your Windows startup process. This is the kind of things that you can do with Starter:

  • Startup programs management - you can add, edit, enable or disable startup programs easily from this view. This view also helps users to view programs explicitly run by a privileged user or programs that are shared and run by all.

  • Windows system process management - Add, edit or remove unnecessary running process that slows down your computer from this view. You can also set the priority for a process that needs more cpu power.

  • Windows services management - Easily access Windows service management view from this startup freeware. Set which programs you want to start automatically or in manual mode from this view.

Starter also comes with multiple language support for your convenience. It is one of the easiest to use Windows startup manager around and if you are looking for other alternatives, check out and download Startup Inspector for Windows.

Download Windows startup manager Starter from the links provided in the Windows Startup and Shutdown Tools.