Wednesday, April 18, 2007

IOBit Smart Defrag - best manual and automatic hard disk defragmentation freeware

I have always been looking for a disk defragmentation freeware that can replace the lousy, built in Windows Defragmenter. Wndows Defragmenter is so lame - when you are defragging your hard disk drive, you have to stop using the computer or else the process will start all over again. Sometimes i need to defrag in safe mode to avoid the hassle of startup programs messing up with defragmentation process.

For those who know nothing about defragmentation process, it is very easy to understand. The hard disk drive need to be defragmented once in a while to arrange the data stored inside, thus keeping your PC running at an optimum level.

After searching the Internet for a good hard disk defragmentation freeware, I came across IOBit Smart Defrag which claims to be one of the best free disk defragmentation freeware around. And boy, it does not dissappoint.

IOBit Smart Defrag disk defragmentation freeware features:-

  • Defrag-as-you-work - this is the best feature of Smart Defrag. I can continue optimizing my PC with no interruption.

  • Manual Defrag - choose from comprehensive or express defrag. Express Defrag is a faster version to speed up PC startups.

  • Automatic Defrag - with automatic defrag, you can just let IOBit Smart Defrag optimize and defragment your PC while it is idle or while CPU usage is low (configurable). Let it run on startup and keep your PC fresh, day after day for best performance.

  • Scheduled Defrag - maybe you just hate things that are automatic. Schedule your hard disk defragmentation to run later, while you are away.

  • Smart, user friendly interface - IOBit SmartDefrag comes with a clean cut interface with big buttons and clear explanations. A noob on hard disk defragmenting should not have any trouble using SmartDefrag.

IOBit SmartDefrag is really, IMHO, the best defragmentation free program that you can use today. Still using Windows Defragmenter to optimize your hard disk? Maybe it is time for a change - for good of course.

Download IOBit Smart Defrag best defragmentation tool from the link provided in the Windows System Tools page.