Monday, April 23, 2007

PDF-Xchange Viewer - PDF Reader with extra features

What can your slow loading Adobe Acrobat Reader do instead of reading text and some basic functions? My latest freeware findings in the pdf reader application can insert texts inside a pdf file, leave some notes for quick review, capture a snapshot, export pdf to image format and more. Maybe you can dump that Adobe Acrobat Reader of yours and embrace the latest, more functional pdf viewer - PDF-Xchange Viewer.

PDF-Xchange Viewer features:

  • Comments and Annotations - useful for students and researchers. Easily add extra text with direct typing or sticky notes for later review.

  • Markup function - add some markups - arrow, boxes, clouds and more to your pdf texts. Highlight your notes easily with PDF-Xchange Viewer

  • Export pdf to images - export your pdf documents to images, by page or the complete file itself.

  • Pan and Zoom, Loupe - extended pdf reader functionalities means extra navigational ease.

For me, the best function of PDF-Xchange is the ability to add texts and markups to your pdf files. As an alternative, for a quick-launching pdf reader. you may want to try Foxit PDF Reader instead.

Download PDF Xchange Viewer from the link provided in the Miscellaneous Office Tools page.