Thursday, April 26, 2007

fSekrit - secure notepad with military grade encryption

fSekrit really amazed me. It is a very small freeware application, but it is great in stature. fSekrit looks like a normal Windows Notepad but once you try to save your notes, it will prompt you for a password for encryption and turn your files into executable (.exe file) that you can carry around with your usb drive. By doing that, you can store important notes such as passwords and personal information securely.

fSekrit secure notepad features:

  • No installation required - a note in fSekrit will generate an executable secure notepad file. Each notes runs independently without any software dependencies. Therefore, you can bring fSekrit important notes anywhere with portable USB drives for secured, extreme mobility.

  • Strong, military standard encryption - documents are encrypted and password protected with AES/Rijndael in CBC mode, with a 256-bit keysize (in laymans term, it is secure!).

  • No footprints - unencrypted data with fSekrit are never leaved behind unsecured inside your hard disk. Once you close your fSekrit notes, encryption resumes. Passwords can also be changed easily.

fSekrit is without any doubt, one of best replacements for Windows Notepad. It is easy to use and the ability to encrypt notes is really a wow factor. Try it today!

Download fSekrit secure notepad from the link provided in the Notepad Replacement Tools coolware page.