Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spyware Terminator - scan and clean adware, spyware and virus too!

This article is not related to any Arnold Schwarzennegger's Terminator movies. Being a freeware related site, Spyware Terminator is another spyware scanner or spyware cleaner, with full features for personal and home usage. Spyware Terminator contains extra features you can't find in other spyware cleaning solution and the interface is very easy to use for normal humans, err, i mean home users.

Spyware Terminator features:

  • Varied scanning spyware solutions - fast scan for scanning important parts of the system, full scan for the curious minds, customized scans for the lazy, scheduled scan for the sleepy type, and detailed report for bosses. :D

  • Spyware cleaners - scanning and cleaning rhymes, you know? On Boot Remover is another gem to remove spywares just before the OS boot up. Quarantine is also available for the unsure.

  • Real time protection - this will protect users from network borne spyware spies. A must have spyware scanning tools.

  • HIPS - protect users from unknown applications that tried to run forcibly inside your computer. Think of it as a proactive guy that cleans unknown / malicious spywares. A great function by the bad-ass Spyware Terminator.

  • Powerful Functions - users can restore computers to a default state, send unknown spyware patterns to the developers for checks and remove malicious locked file - a normal spyware behavior.

  • Regular Spyware Pattern Updates- manual and automatic updates of spyware or adware pattern files are available freely.

  • Virus scanning (optional) - to make Spyware Terminator more useful, ClamAv Antivirus can be installed optionally for extra virus scanning. Great feature by Spyware Terminator!

HIPS and Virus Scanning is two of the most influential aspects for users to consider Spyware Terminator. Spyware protection with extra, optional virus scanning, who would not want that? Try it and tell your success story here if you wish.

Download Spyware Terminator from the link provided in the Antivirus and Spyware Cleaning Tools.

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