Friday, May 25, 2007

PDF995 Suite - pdf writer with decent conversion features

PDFSuite 995 products is all about PDF.

Recently, I have problems in creating my 101 Best Freeware pdf document, relating to hyperlinks. I've tried CutePDF, PrimoPDF and some other pdf writers to no avail. I tried to convert my Microsoft Word documents with hyperlinks to pdf documents but all my hyperlinks turned into normal texts, so I've scourged the Internet for other alternatives that can solve this problem.

Thankfully, there is the PDF995 Suite that suits my need. It contains three components, which are:

  • PDF995 Writer - this works just like a normal pdf writer. It writes documents to pdf with no other bells and whistles. Consists of two downloads, the printer driver plus the pdf converter.

  • PDFEdit995 - this is the original gem of the product. I solve my problem with the "Batch" feature inside the many functions that you can use it for.

  • Signature 995 - I don't need this but maybe you do. If you are paranoid that somebody else may plagiarised your precious documents, use this to sign, encrypt or password protected pdf documents.

The only gripe in using this freeware is that it will display sponsored ads each time you use it. PDF995 Suite solved my problems with hyperlinks and I thank them for such a good freeware worthy of a download.

You can download PDF995 Suite from the links provided in the Misc Office Tools page.