Saturday, May 26, 2007

Free Hide Folder - easily hide your Windows folder

Free Hide Folder is a simple freeware application that lets you hide your Windows folder easily.

During initial setup, you need to specify a password that will be used each time you need access to the Free Hide Folder interface. Then you can just add click the "Add to List" button and choose folders that you want to hide. The hidden folder will not appear in any Windows application even though you are choosing "Show hidden files and folders" inside Windows Explorer menu.

Unhiding a folder requres similar MO. Click a hidden folder in the Free Hide Folder list and click the "Unhide" button. For simplicity and ease of use, this freeware program will be on my hard disk for a long time to come.

Try it now and tell me your experience with Free Hide Folder by leaving some comments for discussion.

You can download Free Hide Folder by clicking on the links provided in the PC Security Tools page.