Wednesday, May 30, 2007

LanSpy - free port and network security scanner

Looking for a good network security utility to know more about what is happening in your Local Area Network (LAN)? Look no further. Now you can be some kind of a cool network guy with LanSpy. Plus, it doubles up as a port scanner too!

LanSpy consists of network utilities that teaches you more on your computer and your network. Example of LanSpy usage:

  • PC Security Auditing - e.g LanSpy can display open ports and running processes based on IP.

  • Remote processes view - learn what processes are running inside your friends computer

  • List installed applications - enough said here!

  • Detect shared resources on computers on the same network subnet and more

The best thing of LanSpy is it helps you learn more on the networked computers around you, not your PC alone. If you want a simple network security scanner and PC auditing freeware, I truly recommend LanSpy.

Download LanSpy from the links provided in the PC Security Tools page.