Sunday, June 3, 2007

Launchy - smart launcher freeware

Launchy is one hell of a launcher / shortcut program. Launchy actually revolutionizes the way you are going to launch your programs, access your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks (or Internet Explorer if you wish!), access your favorite folders and more. Simply put, Launchy is efficient, brilliant and a well thought freeware program.

Once installed, Launchy will try to index your Windows Shortcut Menu, some of your folders, your favorite bookmarks and others. You don’t have to remember any of your shortcut locations anymore! You can even add more plug-ins to extend Launchy’s usability and add more directories to be indexed, it is all at your fingertips!

300,000 downloads already proves how brilliant Launchy is. You will regret if you never try this. Brilliant freeware by Josh Karlin.

Download Launchy from the links provided in the Windows Desktop Tools page.