Thursday, June 14, 2007

Faster Than Ever - launch application with keywords

If you have no ideas what an application launcher is, check out the Launchy freeware program. "Faster Than Ever" or FTE in short is another freeware launcher that can be accessed with a simple keyboard combination. You can drag and drop shortcut icons on your desktop to FTE to have it memorize it for you. To launch an application, launch FTE with the Windows button + Z (customizable!) and just type in the keyword that you have set previously.

Shortcuts can be customized with colors for easy spotting and FTE doesn't limit users to application shortcuts only. Users can also create shortcuts to a file, directory, control panel applications and websites too! And the multishortcuts feature is another welcome addition - shortcuts that launch more that one application with a single keyword, only with Faster Than Ever.

Download Faster Than Ever from the link on Windows Desktop Tools page.