Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lingoes - multi language dictionary and thesaurus

Lingoes is a freeware desktop dictionary that supports more than 60 languages. By default, Lingoes came with the standard English dictionary but you can download an awesome list of dictionary for other languages from its website.

Lingoes supports normal word translation and text translation (this translates texts, phrases and more). One unique features is cursor translation. While Lingoes is running minimized, you can click Shift on the keyboard and points to any word that is alien to you in your browser (for example) to get its meaning instantly. Nice!

If you don't know how to pronounce a word, with a simple Microsoft program installation, you can have Lingoes said the word for you with a computed human voice. This impressive features normally came with payware, but Lingoes are going off limits for consumers. Another feature that differentiate Lingoes from others is the ability to query other online dictionaries for definition of words (e.g Merriam Webster, Google define:) from within its interface.

With all the nice features above, Lingoes is going to stay in my PC for quite a long time. So are you ready to speak the Lingo-es?

Credits to Carol's Vault for pointers to this freeware.

Click here to download Lingoes desktop dictionary.

Tags: free desktop dictionary, freeware, coolware