Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CurrPorts - check local Windows open ports and the processes using it

CurrPorts is a simple security freeware that helps users check out local Windows open ports and the processes that are using it. This is quite beneficial in tracing system and network slowdowns and finding the root cause of it. The information gained from the reported open ports will help users in tuning their local Windows firewall more efficiently.

CurrPorts can be told to auto-refresh open port information within specific time intervals and newly found open ports / processes will be tagged in green colour. Users can also save CurrPorts findings by exporting it into a HTML report or if there are any suspicions of malicious activities, termination of processes are also available within the CurrPorts interface.

CurrPorts by Nirsoft is a simple, yet invaluable coolware for quick, open ports check.

Click here to download CurrPorts.

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