Friday, July 6, 2007

Disk Cleaner - easily cleans temporary junk files

Disk Cleaner freeware cleans your computer from temporary junk files that waste hard disk space. Upon opening Disk Cleaner, users are presented with a list of programs with temporary files, such as Mozilla Firefox cookies, Recycle Bin and others.

Selection can be then made to clean all the temporary files or by just selecting the most necessary to be cleaned. This selection can also be saved as "file cleaning settings", so it can be used over and over the next time you feel the urge to do a clean sweep of your choice. Locked temporary files will be cleaned the next time you reboot, if you run this freeware on Windows startup.

Furthermore, Disk Cleaner is small in size and self contained (means that no installation was required for it to work), so you can put it inside your USB thumb drive, and portably bring it anywhere you go, most useful for cleaning tracks on public computers that you use.

Click here to download Disk Cleaner.

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