Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AlPass - free password manager for Internet Explorer

alpass free password manager pictures
AlPass is a free password manager for Internet Explorer, or in layman's term, a software that remembers all your login IDs and passwords so that you don't have to insert passwords again and again, each time you are going to check your Yahoo Mail, for example.

Once AllPass was installed, you just need to boot your Internet Explorer and login to your favorite sites to have AllPass record all your login details. That is all. The next time you are in the same page, AllPass will fill all the details and automatically log you in to the particular system (provided that you check the Auto Complete and Auto Submit options). AlPass data is secured by the 3DES algorithm and multiple users on the same PC can have their own private AlPass password manager account.

AlPass is useful, respects your privacy and proven safe to use. It is a pity that it does not support Firefox. Nonetheless, it is a very useful tools for die hard IE fans.

Download AlPass now.

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