Friday, July 13, 2007

Orbit Downloader - total media downloader solution

Orbit Downloader
, as described by its developers, is a total media downloader solution. Orbit Downloader can download media files (audio, video, flash, etc.) from sites such as MySpace, Youtube, Pandora, and more. It can also support downloads from Rapidshare and MegaUpload!

Furthermore, this freeware can speed up file downloads because it is based on the P2P technology. Orbit Downloader integrates seamlessly with multiple browsers such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox. The Grab++ function is particularly useful because it automatically grab download links and separate the media files in multiple format categories so that users can select the files that they want to download.

Other noteworthy features are download speed limiter support, antivirus integration and pause / resume support. With its small download size and super light efficiency, I totally recommend you to try and download Orbit Downloader.

If you want a simpler solution such as a Firefox add-on, you can try out the mighty DownThemAll.

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