Monday, July 16, 2007

Xenu Link Sleuth - broken links / hyperlinks checker

xenu link sleuth image
Xenu Link Sleuth is a simple, fast freeware application that can help bloggers / webmasters to check broken (dead) links / hyperlinks on their site. This is useful if you have a website with hundreds / thousands of post and you need to check all internal and external links are working well.

Xenu does not check normal links only, it also checks for broken links of images, frames, plugins, css and more. It is also capable to produce a report that can be optionally mailed to the webmaster for further actions. Users can increase the speed of Xenu by increasing search threads from the Preferences menu and if you are not comfortable with all the links listed (ok, pending, busy, etc), you can opt to display broken links only.

Xenu is an epitome of a simple freeware application that can ease normal, mundane and repetitive tasks such as link checking. If you are interested in it, click here to download Xenu Link Sleuth now.

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