Tuesday, July 17, 2007

FileTargets - quickly copy and move files to favorite folders

FileTargets make copying and moving files from one location to your favorite folders quicker and easier. Once installed, FileTargets will create a Windows right-click context menu, with configurable folder options.

Users can add their favorite folders to FileTargets menu so that the next time they want to copy or move files over there, it will always be available via a right click. No more frantic search for folders anymore. Users can also create folders to group favorite directories that share the same attributes such as a music parent folder / image parent folder. Users can also set the default action to copy or move and if you set it to copy, move will be available with a Shift + click and vice versa.

FileTargets is free to use but you need to activate it first with the activation code on the developer's website. Download FileTargets today.

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