Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Uconomix SnapLogger Lite - time tracking freeware with screenshots playback

uconomix snaplogger lite image
Do you want to know what you really do in front of your PC all day long? If you do, then you need Uconomix SnapLogger Lite. It is a freeware that records your computer activities by taking screenshots of your screen at a predefined interval. You can set SnapLogger to capture your full screen or only the active window (the application window that you are using at that current time) of your screen.

Uconomix SnapLogger Lite use low Windows system resources so you don't need to worry about system lag. You can also set Uconomix default data folder to save screenshots and how long do you want the data to be saved on your PC. For more efficient usage, you can opt for Uconomix to be automatically launched during Windows system startup.

The best part is once the recording was finished and you get to see a playback of your activities during the day like a movie. With those information, you will really know if you are really working or busy chatting with friends with an Instant Messenger during the day. If used wisely, I believe this tool can help users to realize what they are doing everyday and try to be a little more productive with their computers.

Download Uconomix SnapLogger Lite.

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