Saturday, July 21, 2007

Magic Transfer - synchronize multiple Windows PC settings

Tired of changing Windows settings each time you use a different PC, formatting your PC, and each time a virus or spy ware messes up your system? Fear no more, Magic Transfer is all you need to save your Windows settings and restore it each time disaster strikes!

Magic Transfer backups Windows settings including Windows system settings, Internet Explorer settings, Microsoft Outlook settings, and Mozilla Firefox settings. You can even backup and restore your files with this freeware! Settings can be individually selected or click a button to force Magic Transfer to backup all of them. Furthermore, you can create a self extracting Magic Transfer file to make it easier to restore settings backup on another PC.

I've tested Magic Transfer to backup and restore browser settings on my PC and boy it works. Go on, download Magic Transfer, try it to your heart's content and kindly share your experiences by leaving some comments below. Thanks!

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