Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flock - web browser with social steroids

is known as the social web browser because it makes it easy for you to connect and share web findings online among your friends and the public. You can upload and share photos, files and bookmarks instantly within its interface. Flock is based on the Mozilla Firefox browser codes, thus it shares the same capabilities such as extension / add on support, windows tabs, reliable security settings and more.

Here is some of the things that made Flock different:

  • My World homepage - shows your current favorite photos, feeds and bookmarks on one page

  • Minibar & Web Clipboard - view, drag and drop pictures on a built in clipboard, bookmark with a star or share it

  • Smart Search - get instant results as-you-type-it.

  • Built in blog editor - found a page that you like? Blog it instantly!

  • Photo uploader - upload favorite pictures instantly to PhotoBucket or Flickr

  • Feed Me - built in feed reader that makes subscribing to RSS as easy as ABC

  • Safe surf - instantly get alerts on fraud / dangerous websites, Flock updates automatically to maintain it's security!

That is just a fraction of what Flock can do. Head to the flock website to check out the demo or just download Flock to experience a new social web surfing now!

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