Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MoonEdit - collaborative single document editing

moonedit collaborative text editor screenshot
offers collaborative text editing - that means more than one people with installed MoonEdit editor can edit a single document from different places at the same time. A user can host a file / more than one file (functioning as a server) and up to 14 people can edit the same document at one time. That is what you call a collaborative effort.

MoonEdit differentiates users editing the same document with different cursor colors for different user names. While a user is writing a document, he or she can also see what others are typing. Additionally, when a user comes in to open a previously edited file, he can also view the History view to check out what had being added or edited while he is away. If MoonEdit is still opened, you can instantly know that somebody is editing the file if you choose to turn on the keyboard tapping sound.

MoonEdit is really useful if you are looking for a simple collaboration tool that you can use for text editing among colleagues. Download MoonEdit today and experience a new way to collaborate.

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