Thursday, July 26, 2007

Revo Uninstaller - uninstaller with extra system tools

revo uninstaller screen shots
Revo Uninstaller
doesn't only help you remove applications from your personal computer, it will also completely scan and wipe out unnecessary files, folders and registry keys too. If you have any broken application installed, Revo Uninstaller can cleans these as well.

Revo Uninstaller unique "Hunter Mode" lets you do one click to uninstall, stop or delete only by aiming it to any applications icon on the desktop, quick launch toolbar, system tray or opened application. Another mode available is "Drag and Drop" mode, where you can uninstall ,stop or delete applications just by drag and drop their shortcut icons over the "Fire Window" of Revo uninstaller.

Furthermore, Revo Uninstaller also provides extra features:

  • Unrecoverable Delete Tool - add files or folders to delete making it impossible to recover even by file recovery software, such as Undelete Plus

  • Evidence Remove Tool - select drives to clean up your tracks and deleted files.

  • Auto Run Manager - click to disable and enable startup applications

  • Windows Tools Manager - access Windows system tools easily.

  • Clean Junk Files - scan junk files and delete to clean up system.

  • Clear Browser History - supports for Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Internet Explorer.

  • Office History Cleaner - wipes out Microsoft Office junk files.

  • Clear Windows History - click button to clean windows document history and more.

To summarize it all, Revo Uninstaller is not only an uninstaller, it also acts a system optimizer that helps to clean up your system from junk files. Try it today, download Revo Uninstaller!

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