Monday, August 6, 2007

Clickster - download music faster and safer than P2P software

I've never used Napster, the pioneer of P2P music sharing software but i think Clickster was borrowing some part of the name to promote itself. Clickster, unlike Napster is not a P2P software, it is a freeware that let you search music files from web servers on the Internet, and display it in a list so that you can download it to your PC. In layman's term, Clickster is a music file finder.

The advantages of using Clickster is that downloads are speedier because you are downloading music directly from a server, and normally servers are always available, unlike peers in P2P freeware. Other than that, Clickster does not download .wma music files because of its vulnerability to viruses. Files downloaded with Clickster can be played directly from the easy to use interface and Shoutcast users will love this freeware more for its "Stream Ripping" feature - Clickster will try and rip different tracks from Shoutcast automatically to separate mp3 files.

With fake files and pornographic contents destroying P2P networks, Clickster is a welcoming choice for music lovers. Download Clickster and enjoy error free music downloads today.

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